Questions? Go to or call 877-338-0557.

Frequently Asked Questions

and Helpful Tips

Using Your Card

How can I set up a savings account, Alerts, pay bills online, see rewards offers and transactions?

It is easy to manage your pay card account and to take advantage of its great features when you log into Or call PaychekPLUS! Cardholder Services at 877.338.0557.

What if I lose my card?

Immediately ask your Manager for a new ePay Choice packet, activate the card inside and call PaychekPLUS! Cardholder Services at 877.338.0557 to report your card lost or stolen. Once you activate your new pay card, funds from your lost/stolen card will be transferred automatically.

A card replacement fee may apply.

What if my pay card is not working?
Call PaychekPLUS! Cardholder Services at 877.338.0557.

Card Balance and Fees

How can I check my card account balance anytime without a fee?

It’s easy. Just use:

  • Alerts by text or email – Enroll for Alerts through the toll-free number or online at (Standard text message rates apply.)
  • Our secure cardholder site at
  • The Prepaid CardConnect mobile app download for iPhone® or Android® phones
  • PaychekPLUS! Cardholder Services toll-free number on the back of the card — 877.338.0557

Are there fees?

While there are many ways to access funds on the card without a fee, for some services and transactions you will incur fees. For example, there is a $0.50 decline fee if you try to spend more than your available balance. If you use an ATM other than Allpoint®, MoneyPass® or Comerica Bank® to get cash then you will incur a fee. Your Cardholder Agreement lists all the fees we can charge you. You received a copy of the Cardholder Agreement with your card and you can also access it under the Resources section on this site or at You should also keep the wallet card describing free transactions as a quick reference.

What if the card is declined for a purchase or bill payment?

This may mean that you may not have enough funds available for your transaction or there may be another problem with your card. Check your card balance first so you avoid additional declined transaction fees. There are lots of ways to check your balance including:

  • Using the Prepaid CardConnect mobile app;
  • Texting “BAL” to 90831 for an instant balance update if you are enrolled in Alerts (Standard text message rates apply); or
  • Calling PaychekPLUS! Cardholder Services at 877.338.0557

If you have enough funds on the card, then a PaychekPLUS! Customer Service Representative can help pinpoint the challenge. Call toll-free, 24/7 for assistance.

What if the balance on my card is incorrect?

If you have a question about your transaction history or balance on the card, call PaychekPLUS! Cardholder Services at 877.338.0557. Questions about the amount of your pay should still be directed to your Manager.

Why is there a hold on my funds?

Sometimes holds are placed on funds when the total purchase price is unknown at the time the card is swiped. Funds are held until the actual purchase amount has been processed. Holds frequently occur with transactions at gas stations, hotels, restaurants and salons. For example:

  • A $125 hold is placed when the card is swiped at the gas pump. Always pay inside to avoid this hold.
  • Hotels may hold up to the total estimated room purchase price which can be higher than the nightly room rate.
  • When you pay somewhere tipping is customary, like a restaurant or a hair salon, up to 20% more than the purchase price will be held.