A better way to receive your pay

is here.

No more waiting to pick up your check. No more check cashing lines. No more worrying about lost or stolen cash. ePay takes the hassles out of payday.

Benefits for everyone.

For many, the only way to enjoy the benefits of electronic pay has been with a checking account at a bank account. Not anymore. With the PaychekPLUS! Elite® Visa® Payroll Card you have another option that provides a fast, reliable and cost-saving way to receive your pay.

Which do you choose – paper or plastic? Keep reading to learn more about the pay card option, cost savings and valuable features and you’ll see why more people are choosing plastic.

This site offers information about the features and benefits of electronic pay and the PaychekPLUS! Elite Visa Payroll Card and reference materials that you can view and print at anytime. To sign up for a pay card, simply ask your Manager for an ePay Choice packet.