Keep more of your pay in your pocket.

Save more time for what matters most to


Many employees choose check cashers to access their pay and have to use cash and money orders to pay their bills. If this is you, then every payday you are spending time and money just to get access to your pay, instead of being able to focus on what matters most to you.


With the PaychekPLUS! Elite Visa

Payroll Card, you will have:

Benefits of ePay Choice

If your check is $60 you may get $15 taken out just to cash the check and I stood in line for that.  That’s gas money”

 Visa pay card focus group member

Immediate access to your pay on payday – no more trips to the restaurant to pick up your check, trips to the bank or to a check casher.

No more check cashing fees – you can save an average of $256 per year in check cashing and money order fees, not including travel time and transportation costs.1

No more lost or stolen paychecks.



More security for your money – unlike cash, your card can be replaced if lost or stolen. (A card replacement fee may apply.)

The benefits of direct deposit without the need for a bank checking account.


Access to your pay at no cost and there are no overdraft fees or monthly fees.2


More time – pay your bills in minutes from home, on your computer or by phone.


Cash access at no cost when you need it – get cash back at the register with your purchase3 or get cash at an Allpoint®, MoneyPass® and Comerica Bank® ATMs.

1 Bretton Woods, Inc., “Analysis of Reloadable Prepaid Cards in an Environment of Rising Consumer Banking Fees,” March 2011
2 There are many free ways to access your pay, however fees apply to certain transactions. For example, you will incur fees if you use out-of-network ATMs or a $0.50 decline fee applies if you try to spend more funds than you have available. In certain states, a monthly inactivity fee may be applied if there has been no cardholder initiated balance changing activity for an extended period of time. See your Cardholder Agreement for more information.
3 A $1.00 fee is charged for International Purchases.